How Jose Mourinho Reacted To Manchester United Sacking

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Manchester United sacking Jose Mourinho was undoubtedly the news of the day.

Even though there was expected retribution following the dismal 3-1 loss of the Red Devils to Liverpool on Sunday, such swift action must have certainly surprised many.

What makes it interesting is that less than a year ago Mourinho had signed an extension to his contract and when his job initially came under threat in October, the gaffer had haughtily cited the severance package that United would have to pay him as an indication of why he won’t be sacked.

Well, so much for that. Jose will be a happy man with the huge sum he has pocketed, but the bigger question remains what exactly he had to say about the sacking.


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According to the Guardian’s Jamie Jackson, Mourinho was ‘very surprised’ at being sacked.

Clearly, the Portuguese tactician didn’t see it coming, which is baffling when one views the club’s recent form. Even though an argument can be made that the loss to Valencia prior to Liverpool wasn’t that big of a game in the grand scheme of things, form alone isn’t to blame for Mourinho’s plight.


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Simply put, United have been functioning well below what they are capable of and this bears strongly on a side that has had incredible sums of money pumped into it.

Somewhere, somehow, Mourinho’s philosophy faltered considerably, forcing the higher-ups at Old Trafford to yet again terminate a manager’s contract prematurely.

Mourinho is going to undeniably continue with club management, which isn’t much of a surprise despite reports suggesting that he’s well beyond his prime. In fact, claims were strong linking him back to Inter and Real Madrid.

It will be intriguing to see what lies next for the Special One, who surely would have been hoping for a more festive Christmas gift.