Michael Carrick’s Brilliant Message To The United Squad After Mourinho’s Sacking

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Jose Mourinho is gone, and a new era has dawned for Manchester United. A week of ups and downs has now culminated in former Red Devil Ole Gunnar Solskjaer taking over as caretaker manager until the end of this season.

Despite their Premier League standing being questionable, morale seems to have risen a tad bit with United sitting on the helm of change. This is the very sort of mood that has inspired the club to achieve great things in the past.

With the Norwegian gaffer taking over only from Thursday, Michael Carrick had time to train with the lads, and his words may have struck a poignant chord.

As per The Sun, Carrick reprimanded the players, particularly those that were celebrating Mourinho’s departure, and reminded them that no individual is bigger than the club.


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The report adds that the former midfielder made it a point to explain to the players that nothing but the best would be expected of them at a club like United, and that respecting the shirt was paramount. Failure to do so may lead to more axing, as was the case with Mourinho.

It appears that Paul Pogba’s alleged celebration of Mourinho’s departure may have been the trigger for Carrick’s warning. This is certainly interesting, since the nature of the Portuguese gaffer’s sacking indicates that the Frenchman is clearly valued a lot by the higher-ups at Old Trafford.


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Then again, such a mentality has always been crucial at the side, with the likes of Carrick, Giggs, and Scholes imbibing them, which ensured their long and fruitful spells.

Further, the players may also need reminding that they too are to be blamed for United’s current plight. While Mourinho’s tactics were faulty to a great extent, the spirit of some of the players also appeared to be weaning on the pitch.

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