REVEALED: Sir Alex Ferguson’s Choice For Man Utd’s Next Permanent Manager

Sir Alex Ferguson watches the match from the stands.

REUTERS/Peter Powell

Even as Manchester United revel in having signed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their caretaker manager until the end of this season, the bigger question about Jose Mourinho’s full-time successor remains at large.

A host of names have emerged as possible contenders for the top post, and by the time summer rolls around, a few names may be shortlisted as sure candidates.

However, in the existing pool itself, one name has already taken quite a promising stance, and now, may have the backing of an influential name. According to an exclusive from The Sun, Sir Alex Ferguson expressly backs Mauricio Pochettino for the managerial job at Old Trafford.

The Argentine gaffer who has had immense success with Tottenham Hotspur, has always remained a promising option for the Mancunian gig. However, the fact that Pochettino has signed a long-term contract at Spurs may be a complicating factor in the large scheme of things.


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If United somehow succeed at convincing chairman Daniel Levy to part ways with his star gaffer, they will still have his sizable compensation package to worry about.

The latest reports pen that sum to be upwards of £34 million. What complicates matters further is that other promising names may be available for a significantly cheaper fee, or for free. This, is in addition to Mourinho’s own eyebrow-raising severance package.


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Then again, given the spending spree that the Red Devils have actively indulged in the post-SAF era, this sum certainly appears like a worthwhile investment that they’ll all too eagerly indulge in.

It has been proven that Pochettino carries the personality and philosophy that suits United. At the same time, if the club itself decides to alter its approach, the entire scenario may take an interesting light.

However, the last time Sir Alex Ferguson endorsed a manager, David Moyes had a disastrous season with the club. Will Pochettino, if signed, fare any better?