How Solskjaer Reacted When A Reporter Told Him He Was A Liverpool Fan

Action Images / Jason Cairnduff

Manchester United seem to have pulled off a masterstroke in hiring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the caretaker manager that steadies the ship until a more permanent appointment is made at the end of the season.

The Norwegian has already been a fan-favourite due to his heroics for the club as a footballer, having bagged numerous goal and played a major role in helping the club win several trophies, including the UEFA Champions League title in 1999.

Not only has Ole been a great servant to the Mancunian outfit in the past, but his sheer love and passion for Manchester United has helped him retain the humongous fan-following he had amassed all those years ago.

Therefore, it is only natural for Solskjaer to tick all the boxes that make up a true Red Devil, and that includes passionately hating their arch-nemeses.


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The baby-faced assassin, while a respectful individual, hates Liverpool with all his heart, and he has made that evident quite unapologetically time and again.

During his brief spell at Cardiff City, he had even made the headlines with a spectacular answer to being asked about Liverpool‘s transfer chances that year. Ole had simply replied “couldn’t care less,” before walking right off the interview.

Now, another such instance has been brought to light, this time by Irish reporter JJ Devaney, who happened to be covering Sligo Rovers’ Champions League qualifier against Solskjaer’s Molde back in 2013.


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Devaney told the Caught Offside podcast (via M.E.N.): “I went up and there were a few journalists gathered around. You know me in social situations – shameless and straight to the point – so I stuck out my hand and I said, ‘Ole, I’m delighted to meet you’.

“And he fixed me with those blue eyes and they are kind of piercing and he does look younger than the age he actually is. So I shook hands with him and said, ‘Listen I thought you were a fantastic player, brilliant player, and even though I’m a Liverpool fan I just wanted to shake your hand.’

“You would think that’s really nice. He didn’t move a muscle in that face. His eyes fixed on me and he said, straight up, with no jocularity: ‘If I’d known you were a Liverpool fan, I wouldn’t have shaken your hand.'”