Clip Of Pogba In The Tunnel Before Huddersfield Match Will Excite Man Utd Fans

REUTERS/David Klein

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival at Manchester United has not only led the fans to enjoy the football once again, but it has also enabled the players to be themselves every second they are on the pitch.

The man who seems to have benefited the most with Jose Mourinho’s exit has been none other than Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman’s chains of restriction seem to have been unshackled, and the supporters are finally seeing the player that was once the most expensive in the world.

If his recent two performances are anything to go by, then the rest of the season could be a very exciting one for Pogba and his fans, as not only is he moving freely on the pitch after being allowed to dominate proceedings, but he is also involved in assists and goals.

Recent footage from inside the Old Trafford tunnel has shown that the player is also relishing the limelight, allowing himself to lead the squad well and motivate one and all around him.

A video reveals that before United’s training session at Old Trafford, ahead of their fixture against Huddersfield, Pogba is heard saying: “When we go we go, pressing first ones! Now we’re at home. We go strong we start strong!”

These have been the words that the United faithful have been so dearly missing, and this is nothing less than music to their ears.

Pogba has proved that he can bring the X-factor in the dressing room, and can fire up any set of players to bring out their best.

Be it encouraging words of wisdom before a World Cup final or performances that speak for themselves, Paul is a man that can intimidate any opposition.

Ole seems to have recognized that fact, and has openly expressed his desire to let his main midfielder play attacking football with flare, and express himself to bring out the best in him.