Inter Milan Want To Sign Romelu Lukaku To Replace Mauro Icardi

Inter Milan's Mauro Icardi celebrates scoring their second goal.

REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

In the modern era of the great game, it has become increasingly hard for any single player to dominate the game for extensive periods of time.

While a few highly popular examples do grace the mind, it is largely agreed upon that being brought for a huge sum doesn’t suffice to assure that regular football will be assigned.

This is highly evident when big names are sold shortly after the highly-hyped transfers that defined them are completed. This largely occurs due to the players in question not reaching their expected range of playing style.

This is an issue that has plagued Manchester United quite a bit, most noticeably in their failed attempts at securing high-profile and talented players for their no.7 jersey. However, this issue of the Red Devils may now creep in for other spots too.

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As per Tuttomercatoweb, if Inter are unable to hold on to Mauro Icardi beyond this summer, they’ll consider swooping in for Romeu Lukaku.

The Belgian striker has fallen out of grace quite significantly in the recent months, with Marcus Rashford being fielded as the more effective striker option under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


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Further, the report adds that Inter will go for the Lukaku route only and only if they are unable to placate Icardi to stay on, which may be a likely possibility given the nature of the alleged fallout involving the player.

Moreover, Atlanta forward Duvan Zapata is another player that the Italian giants are apparently considering, but the intent of keeping Ixardi at the club beyond this season seems to be the no-brainer approach of the side.

It will be interesting to see if Lukaku truly is the one that makes way from United’s roster. Much hope was pinned onto the striker but as each day goes by, the desire to wish him gone is steadily rising amongst United fans.