Solskjaer Makes Brilliant Post-Match Comments After Historic Win vs PSG

MUFC interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrates.

REUTERS/Scott Heppell

Manchester United’s 3-1 comeback against PSG has to be the highlight of their season so far. Very few individuals thought the Red Devils to be capable of such a feat, being plagued by 10 injured senior team players and Paul Pogba suspended for the game.

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was adamant ever since the defeat at Old Trafford three weeks ago and his unrelenting confidence was on show at Paris.

He had described the challenge as a mountain that was there to be climbed and had illustrated before the game that United had a history of engineering comebacks. First-hand experience from the Norwegian as he arguably caused their most famous comeback.

On Wednesday, in Fergie time, the lads from Manchester won it again and qualified to the quarter-finals.

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Speaking after the game, Solskjaer opined: “Fantastic night, hey! I’m going to do my best until the summer and see what the club decides.”

The Norwegian is still playing the façade that he may not be at the helm come summer. Given the performances, he’s brought about in the past few months that would be a real shocker.

He went on to add: “I coach these, I’ve gotten to know the players. Being underdogs isn’t usual, but it was a nice feeling today, it was great for them to go out and have nothing to lose.”


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Solskjaer, who has managed Cardiff City and Molde previously, also spoke about where this victory features in his career:

“Best moment of my managerial career? Definitely, absolutely unbelievable. It was great to be there. These are the moments, you do it with your staff, the players, the supporters, that’s what football is all about. Doing it all together.”

The passion the man carries is evident and supporters, players and rival alike are aware of this. How much longer will Ed Woodward and company take before making the announcement?