What Eric Cantona Posted About Neymar On Instagram After PSG Win

PSG's Neymar during the match.

REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Eric Cantona remains one of the biggest Manchester United legends, largely due to the outright nature of his comments and opinions.

When the Red Devils excelled unexpectedly against PSG in the Champions League, the Frenchman was one of the happiest faces in the Parc des Princes.

However, the high spirits certainly contributed to some interesting events in France. It is being reported that Cantona, along with a friend, made some gestures at Neymar’s father, who was sitting in an adjacent box after the game.

Sure enough, the latter interpreted the gesture as being offensive to the Brazilian star and the French giants, and apparently rushed out of the box in order to confront Cantona and company. As a result, security personnel allegedly had to get involved to break up their fight.

However, Cantona is not one to leave a fight pending. He later posted the following on his Instagram, accompanying a photo of Neymar: “Just like the barbecue, you take it out in the spring when the sun begins to shine.”

The message is pretty cryptic and no obvious interpretation can be drawn. The most likely message that Cantona is trying to send may be that Neymar is quite chameleon-esque in his style and personality, and that PSG are only able to benefit off him when it’s most apt.

The fact that the former Barcelona star missed out on both the Manchester United legs is certainly telling of the same. Neymar still got involved in the drama though, later commenting on Instagram with regard to the referee’s controversial late hand-ball call and subsequent penalty.

His post read: “This is shameful! And they still let 4 guys that do not understand football look at the slow motion video, this doesn’t happen! How is he going to take his hand out when he’s on his back! Oh go f*** yourself.”