OFFICIAL: Louis van Gaal Announces Retirement

Louis van Gaal before the match.

Reuters / Tony O’Brien

Even as the footballing world is embroiled in the shocking news that Zinedine Zidane will be rehired as Real Madrid’s coach a mere 10 months since he resigned from his position, news regarding another great manager has surfaced.

Louis van Gaal has officially retired from football. The Dutch gaffer announced his retirement, and then went on to state: “I am a pensioner now. I have no ambition to be a technical director or a TV pundit. My wife Truus gave up her job for me 22 years ago, and followed me when I went abroad.”

Van Gaal adds: “I told her I would quit as a coach when I turned 55, but instead kept going until I was 65. She is entitled to have a life with me outside of football. I can say she is very happy.

“I think I could have worked as a technical director. But in this role you can’t attend training or say anything for fear it won’t suit the coach, directors or media. I don’t think I want a job like that.”


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LVG’s last tenure came with Manchester United, who sacked him in 2016 after he won the FA Cup, with his protégé Jose Mourinho taking charge of the Red Devils.

The gaffer has enjoyed one of the most illustrious resumes in club and international football, with successful coaching gigs with Ajax, Barcelona, AZ, Bayern Munich, and the Netherlands international team.

He has secured over 20 titles during his long career, including the Champions League title, and clinching the Eredivisie, the La Liga, and the Bundesliga, whilst having taken the Dutch side to a third-place finish in the 2014 World Cup.

His philosophy and stern tactics remain one of the most quoted ones in football.

At Manchester United, his biggest contribution may have come through the signing of Anthony Martial and the promotion of Marcus Rashford – players he openly stated he was nurturing for the next manager of the Red Devils, and for the future of Manchester.