What The Spanish Media Is Saying About Pogba After Barcelona Defeat

REUTERS/Albert Gea

It is common and perhaps even necessary for the media to be critical, particularly in the modern era, where opinion can easily be warped. However, when it comes to football, telling it like it is comes with the added weight of remaining unbiased.

Critics swarm to destroy superstars on the rare occasions when they perform poorly, and there exist numerous players who occupy the underrated-overrated spectrum and are critiqued likewise.

In the aftermath of Manchester United and Barcelona’s Champions League clash at the Nou Camp, which ended 3-0 to the home side, the media had plenty of content to go haywire upon. Sure enough, the Catalan media did precisely that.

Writing about Paul Pogba and David De Gea, Sport (via Sportwitness) pointed out inherent flaws in the two Manchester United players who are hailed to be the best in the squad.


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Both the talents haven’t been in the best of form as of late, and the Champions League outing saw their contributions go into the negatives. De Gea, in particular, was very poor in front of goal, letting in two goals from Lionel Messi.

Sportwrote this about the Spanish goalkeeper: “No one deserves to be mocked for their work, but in the case of the Manchester United goalkeeper it is true that when it rains, it pours.”

The publication went on to point that De Gea has been in wretched form ever since the World Cup in Russia, wherein he failed to deliver well for the Spanish national team.


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Since then apparently, Manchester United supporters were the only ones who had faith in the keeper, ‘making him a star before he was ready for it’.

As for Paul Pogba, Sport rendered the Frenchman to be ‘absolutely overrated’.

The publication went on to add that the media profile and hype around both the players were largely due to their agents, who were able to create ‘excessive expectations’ and ‘good press’.