Why Pogba And De Gea Want Hikes To Their Salaries

Manchester United's David de Gea and Paul Pogba celebrate after the match.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

The financial aspect of the modern game has taken over a lot of what passion used to traditionally fulfill.

In line with the industrial and organizational set-ups across the globe, football players now demand appropriate remunerations for their services, often going well above what they may have hoped to receive.

However, any system that pays extraordinary sums is bound to suffer in one way or another. At Manchester United, a big financial repercussion may be on its way.

As per the Times, the entire squad of Manchester United has a contract clause which stipulates that each player will see a 25% reduction in their weekly wages if the side fails to play in Champions League football next season.

That is a threat that United could very well face, and the nature of the table is such that even Europa League football could evade the Red Devils.

Further, the report claims that Paul Pogba and David De Gea, two players whose recent dip in quality is one of the many reasons why the side is in such a pickle anyway, have decided to make a big demand in view of this.

According to it, the duo will demand a hike in their wages so that any potential reduction wouldn’t affect their bottom-line next season.


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Of course, this claim works under the assumption that both players will even remain at Old Trafford next season if the team fails to qualify for Champions League football.

De Gea’s contract negotiation process has seen snags precisely due to financial aspects, with the Spaniard demanding parity with the insane wages that Alexis Sanchez makes at the Mancunian outfit.

As for Pogba, despite having years left on his contract, it is believed that the Frenchman is on the lookout for a fresh challenge. To make matters worse in that regard, Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane certainly look like appealing prospects for the former Juventus star.