7 Things If Manchester City Fail To Win The League This Season

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola celebrates with the trophy after winning the Premier League title.

Reuters/Carl Recine

Man City may have had a dream run in the Premier League last season, but this time around, things seem grim.

It is a very real possibility that the Sky Blues won’t defend their title this campaign. Let us look at what would occur should they fail to do so:


1. Greatest Side In PL History?

It would appear that the media hyping up the Mancunian side is merely fluff. Last season, City was unable to put in a convincing run in Europe, and now, a mere months later, they are trailing in their title defense.

Credit where it is due, the achievement of record points in the Premier League and the goal-scoring brilliance they’ve made an almost regular habit are certainly feats to be lauded.

However, when stacked up against some Manchester United sides and the earlier Jose Mourinho teams to have secured the title, the ‘greatest’ claim does appear a bit too much. Perhaps ‘one season wonders’ would be more befitting at this point.


2. Guardiola Overrated

Failure to defend his title will underline just how overrated Guardiola really is. His first term in charge was a dismal season, and it was only through a record amount of transfer spending that his side was able to secure the title last time.

This would bring to question just how good he is as a gaffer and how he can get reliant on the spending factor to power his ‘iconic’ sides. One can’t help but draw comparisons with the sacked Antonio Conte, whose three seasons riddled with spending at the Bridge ensured only one Premier League title.


3. Record Spending Yet Again?

Disappointed by not having defended their title, it isn’t unfathomable to think that City will go on yet another spending spree. This is particularly likely even if their European endeavors this season go for a toss.

Their summer spending may just break the world record yet again, as the Cityzens looks to safeguard not just their season, but their identity as a whole. This is the sad reality of a team that came under prominence not due to a lasting history, but by virtue of a takeover by wealthy owners.


4. Spend To Win

Jurgen Klopp shakes hands with Pep Guardiola after the match.

Reuters/Carl Recine

It sadly appears that the only way to win the Premier League is by spending ridiculous sums of money in the transfer market. This is, of course, a nod to Liverpool, who currently top the table by virtue of having spent the highest in Europe last summer.

Outspending City to win the league somehow doesn’t seem as incredible of an achievement anymore. This further outlines just how brilliant Leicester City’s title win was – the greatest tale in modern football indeed.


5. Guardiola To Leave?

Akin to Jose Mourinho, Guardiola isn’t accustomed to staying at a single club for too long. Given how City’s season is going, he may be another failed spending spree away from either being sacked or handing in his resignation.

Then again, that fateful day may even arrive sooner, as failure to defend their league title, coupled with an underwhelming presence in Europe, could all add up to a frustrated board of owners at the Etihad.

It is easy to forget that the sheer spending done by clubs likes City is often not compensated by just one Premier League or Champions League title, and requires a run of many seasons as well as revenue success elsewhere.


6. You Can’t Boss The Premier League

If Guardiola can’t win back to back titles, it will objectively confirm that the Premier League is the toughest in the world.

Mourinho, Conte, and now possible Guardiola too, have all failed at trying to apply their formulas at regular wins in a league that has seen unprecedented levels of competition over the years.

It seems that Sir Alex Ferguson stringing together title after title over the years was truly a feat for the past.


7. Their Year Indeed?

Liverpool fans have been waiting for their year to arrive for far too long. Now, a Man City that isn’t as strong as last season may just be the perfect ticket for the Merseyside Reds to claim the title as their own – a first in the modern era.

Needless to say, if they win, Jurgen Klopp and his boys will go down in Liverpool’s history books, and will find a memorable spot in there; once the dust has been cleared out, that is.