WATCH: Faster Than Mbappe? Daniel James’ Electrifying Counter-Attacking Goal 

Action Images/Peter Cziborra

Manchester United will be looking to shake things up in the pre-season, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer eager to frame a squad that can serve the club for the long run.

The gaffer is looking forward to investing big. Ed Woodward and company have disappointed gaffers in the past, but precedent may be broken this time around with the Norwegian giving an honest appraisal of the situation at the club.

In particular, it seems that signing old and brand-friendly players like Alexis Sanchez may not be the norm at the side anymore, particularly not for mind-boggling fees.

In line with that, most Manchester United fans are elated at the antics of one of their prospective signings.


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Daniel James has been linked with the Red Devils as of recent, Sky Sports claiming United are close to agreeing £15 million deal.

The fact that the Englishman plays for Swansea City and functions in the Championship did seem to raise eyebrows and some doubts, but a video of the pacey youngster seems to have rewritten those doubts into pure excitement.

Clips of James during Swansea’s FA Cup trysts back in February see him running past defenders and scoring a spectacular goal.

The sheer pace of the lad didn’t fail to amaze. In fact, comparisons were quickly made between him and Kyllian Mbappe and the general style of the starlet’s play doesn’t exactly fault that pairing either.

If reports of such a signing are true, then it appears that United are eager to return to their old style of doing business. In that case, the club will be back to developing young talents who will be purchased of reasonable amounts.

This would be playing football not just for short-term benefits but keeping in mind the bigger picture and the long-term nature of the sport.