What Happened Between Pogba And Fans At Old Trafford At Full-Time

Manchester United's Paul Pogba prepares to take a penalty.

Reuters/Carl Recine

When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer first took charge of Manchester United, his side squared up away to Cardiff where they won 5-1, the first time the club and its supporters saw that number since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

A fair summary of their season was seen when they hosted Cardiff in the final game of their Premier League campaign, with the away team defeating the Red Devils 2-0, courtesy of a brace from Mendez-Laing.

United had little to be happy about during the game, with Mason Greenwood’s full debut performance arguably the only positive from the whole encounter.

Even the ceremonial lap of honor around Old Trafford was a downcast affair, with a decent chunk of the Theatre of Dreams emptying out even before the full-time whistle, leaving behind only a handful of fans to applaud the players.


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However, even that didn’t occur without a hitch. At the end of the lap, many videos captured a section of United ‘fans’ heckling and abusing Paul Pogba. The player didn’t respond to it brashly, instead just asking the perpetrators to be silent.


The Frenchman has been painted as the poster boy of United’s disastrous end to the season, where they’ve not secured a victory in the past six games and are the only team in England’s top six to have not featured in the finals of any noteworthy competition.

However, the abuses and expletives hurled at Pogba was an extremely unclassy move from those individuals. The irony of it all is that this has been Pogba’s best season ever in terms of goals scored and created and the World Cup winner is also the side’s top performer numerically across all competitions.

While his attitude and general quality over the past few games has been sub-par nothing can account for such an action and it breaks the spirit of the game, particularly the one that the Premier League has been promoting as of recent.

Will this tip Pogba even further to an Old Trafford exit in the summer?