What Matthijs De Ligt Said About The Premier League In 2018

Reuters/Matthew Childs

Transfer sagas have a way of enduring that even some modern football clubs may not necessarily possess. The ‘out there’ nature of the times, replete with social media and the sheer visibility of players outside the pitch provides an ample arsenal from which fans can choose to employ as weapons of hope.

While the transfer window is yet to gather steam for certain clubs with regard to signings made, it hasn’t shied in the speculation depart. Manchester United is certainly the best example of the same with the Red Devils being linked to an entire roster’s worth of players.

However, the one that has endured the best in the recent weeks is that of Matthijs de Ligt. Thought to be all but dead after the 19-year-old allegedly denied United’s offer to make him one of the best-paid teenagers in the world, it has returned with a vengeance in the recent days.

Amidst conflicting reports of his potential destination, with both Camp Nou and Old Trafford in the fray, a blast from the recent past has inspired Red Devils.


De Ligt Hints At A Man United Move Through His Instagram Activity

In a video from 2018, possibly a QnA of sorts, De Ligt was questioned as to which league he’d most like to play in.

The Ajax captain replied as such: “I don’t have one specific choice [league to play in] but if I would have to choose I would go for England, Premier League. They have the greatest footballing atmosphere.”

To give him the benefit of the doubt, De Ligt is still a young player and what he desired a year ago may not apply best in the present day scenario.

United lack Champions League football and do not possess a world-class squad, Barcelona do and they appear to be the perfect fit for his alleged ambition to be the best in Europe.

While many Manchester United fans are holding to the hope that Mino Raiola is his agent to work in their favor, but that precisely may end up crushing their hopes.