What Conte Said About Lukaku And Sanchez After Becoming Inter Manager

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte looks dejected after the match.

REUTERS/David Klein

Inter Milan has finally hired Antonio Conte as their manager, a deal that has been in the pipeline for a while now. The Italian side is expected to invest smartly this transfer window after the manner in which their past season transpired.

The rumor most associated with Conte’s arrival is that he would finally capitalize on his Chelsea ambition and sign Romelu Lukaku. The fact that the Belgian is no longer the top choice at Old Trafford and the details released by his agent earlier have been strongly fueling those rumors.

Now, Conte has finally had his say on the matter.

Speaking to the BBC, the gaffer put things into perspective about the transfer situation at the club: “I think now it’s very difficult to talk about this. For sure, we have a plan to try to improve the team. But it will be very important for the players, it will be very important to have a great will and great ambition – me the players and the club – to try to reduce this gap [with Juventus].”

He then specifically addressed the recent rumors associated with Lukaku: “Have Inter met with Lukaku? No, that’s not right, but in this moment there is a sporting director to talk about this and do this question about the transfer market, about the players. But I repeat: Now we are very focused to do the first step and to work together.”

Alexis Sanchez was also linked with the Italian club. When quizzed about the Chilean, Conte chose to reiterate his previous point: “Yeah but you’re talking about the transfer market, you have to talk to the sporting director about this topic.”

It will be interesting to see if anything materializes from this saga. United will certainly be careful about their attacking options from next season.