Manchester United Planning To Sign Gareth Bale On Loan

Real Madrid's Gareth Bale celebrates winning the Champions League by kissing the trophy.

REUTERS/Hannah McKay

It is a relatively recent affair for Manchester United to be linked with virtually every player in European football.

While the club has been a financial giant for decades now, they’ve emerged as massive spenders only after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, with Ed Woodward overseeing the vast majority of the club’s expensive failures.

However, ever since those days, there has been one player who has been constantly linked to Old Trafford and that has been Gareth Bale. United were allegedly interested in signing the forward even prior to his then world-record move to Real Madrid.

However, this window may just be theirs.

Zinedine Zidane has made it all but clear that Bale doesn’t have a future at the Bernabeu and the club has been trying their best to get rid of him.


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However, they also wish to regain most of their transfer fee in the process and that has proven to be the sticking point with the £75 million they want being deemed too high. In fact, even regularly linked clubs Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, haven’t agreed to pay this sum.

However, the Mirror reports that the Red Devils have an alternate offer for Los Blancos. They are willing to take on Bale in a season-long loan move with an option to extend by 12 months.


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This would benefit Madrid in the sense that Bale’s rather outrageous weekly wages of £480,000 would be gone for a season or two. This would save Madrid over £50 million over the long run, a sum they can invest in their present overhaul.

The report states that United aren’t as eager for Bale’s signature as they were a few years ago, largely due to the Welshman’s injuries and inconsistencies and thus won’t pay the demanded premium.

However, they are still aware that Bale would be a big-name signing as well as a world-class present on their forward-line and are thus content with paying the 29-year-old’s high weekly wages.