#GlazersOut Is Trending: Manchester United Fans Are Furious With Club Owners

Manchester United co owner Avram Glazer and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward in the stands before the match.

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Corporate takeovers have always made a massive difference at football clubs. While at certain destinations like Man City, Monaco, and PSG the injection of foreign money has resulted in stark transformations and formidable identities, that has not always been the case.

A takeover that is less talked about occurred in 2005 when the American Glazer family took over Manchester United. It was heavily protested back then but the voice of the fans wasn’t able to stop the move from occurring,

Those supporters from nearly a decade and a half ago had predicted that the Glazers would be running the illustrious club to the ground and their fears are only being realized now.

While Sir Alex Ferguson was able to script great success initially, the years since his departure has shown the damage that can be done when a family with no knowledge of football is at the helm of a giant like United.

Fans have recently expressed their anger at the club’s owners with #GlazersOut trending on Twitter worldwide.

This wasn’t a standalone event and was a well-orchestrated movement by Red Devils across the globe to take social media by storm in protest of the direction the club has taken as of recent.



Multiple graphics accompanied the disappointed tweets indicating how the club has changed since the takeover. Primarily, the amount of debt acquired by the side and the increase in ticket prizes alongside the steady decrease in the club’s on-field performances were highlighted.

A strong takeaway message indicated that the entire ordeal has been a large success for the family who’ve made immense financial gains at the expense of the Mancunian outfit.