WATCH: Wayne Rooney Scores Stunning Goal From His Own Half

D.C. United forward Wayne Rooney (9) kicks a free kick against the Vancouver Whitecaps at Audi Field.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Every once in a while in football, outrageously brilliant goals are scored. While the more aesthetically pleasing ones are often rewarded with the Puskás Award, a majority of them make for oddly satisfying highlight reels.

However, what is less common is for the same name to be on the scoring end of them and almost never in the same style.

Enter Wayne Rooney, who in his latest outing with DC United against Orlando City did what he is all too familiar with.

10 minutes into the fixture, Rooney gained possession of the ball just a few feet shy of the halfway line. Looking up in what can only be described as a fleeting second, the English striker ascertained that the opposition goalkeeper was ahead of his line.

Then, as he has done before, Rooney slotted the ball home and much to the amazement of everyone, it was 1-0.

This is the third time in his career that Wazza has performed this unbelievable feat with the previous occasions coming twice against West Ham United, one as a Red Devil and one while playing for Everton.

Speaking about the goal, which was also the game’s fitting winner, Rooney said this to the DC United website: “I thought it was nice and it was special to score the goal this evening. It’s something that I’ve practiced so many times. Different managers and teammates are like ‘why are you practicing this, you won’t score from this position’ but for nights like tonight that’s why I do practice it. It was a good strike and an important goal for us.”

To think that he was questioned when practicing these. The goal was his 9th one in 16 appearances this season and the 21st one he has scored since moving to the MLS from the Premier League close to a year ago.