How Twitter Reacted To Manchester United’s Stunning 4-0 Win Against Chelsea

SReuters/Jason Cairnduff

Old Trafford was a thunderous chorus of bliss on Sunday as Manchester United defeated Chelsea 4-0.

The skies were pouring and the goals kept coming as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side reinstated hope into a Theatre that has been wary of dreaming from nearly six years now.

The brace from Marcus Rashford, the splendid goal from Anthony Martial and the memorable debut goal from Daniel James all added to the celebrations, doing an effective task of wiping out the few shortcomings that the Red Devils faced in the opening minutes.

Much like Solskjaer’s first game in-charge in December and the aftermath of the Champions League comeback against PSG, supporters of the Red Devils stormed to Twitter to exercise their hard-won bragging rights.

The fact that the win came against Chelsea who have been their fierce opponents in the Premier League era and that this was their largest win over the Blues in over fifty years was celebrated widely by the supporters.

Furthermore, the sheer brilliance of the players was pointed out, more or less by the same lot that were complaining about the lack of transfers and were now eagerly hoping that this roster and their quality will suffice.


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Amongst the excited bunch, there were also those that exercised caution and stressed that this was just the beginning and that now the Red Devils would have to display consistency, pragmatism, and caution in the lengthy season ahead.

Regardless of which side of the aisle one may be on with regard to Manchester United, the fact that something special is in the air simply can’t be ignored.

Now the task is to build on this success and possibly even retain that lost glory that so many of them lament over till this day.