Zidane ‘On The Brink’ Of Leaving Real Madrid Over Failure To Sign Pogba

Jose Mourinho and Zinedine Zidane.

REUTERS/Eddie Keogh

Real Madrid’s attempt to ascend back to European heights of greatness may not be as easy as meets the eye.

The Spanish giants have had a largely underwhelming pre-season campaign so far and the sort of dynamism that was expected in their squad after spending upwards of €300 million is yet to be seen.

Zinedine Zidane, in particular, may not be in the best of moods as a result.

His most recent bout of displeasure appears to be targeted at Madrid’s failure at landing Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.

However, the repercussions of the failed deal may be bigger than meets the eye.


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According to the Independent, who quoted Spanish journalist Diego Torres of El Pais, the gaffer may take a drastic action to combat this failure.

Torres states: “Not signing Pogba puts Zidane on the brink of resigning. Zidane personally promised Pogba he would bring him to Madrid, and now he is left looking bad.”

Apart from how it looks, it certainly appears that the Frenchman is beginning to associate any hint of success in the season to come to fully achieving his transfer targets. This, however, may not be as monumental a failure as it seems to be.


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The journalist adds: “This has only increased the lack of confidence between Zidane and Florentino. For Zidane, his project and Pogba are almost the same thing. Nothing that he was promised has really come to pass. Zidane returned as a protective shield for Florentino, but he has already fulfilled that political and social mission.”

This comment certainly paints the all-too-familiar picture of a board that is unwilling to meet the demands of their managers.

However, if Zidane does resign again and that too before the season even commences, the fallout at Madrid will be immense.

Is this a realistic possibility or a doomsday assessment of a failed business deal?