Jonny Evans Makes Huge Claim About Former Leicester Teammate Harry Maguire

Reuters/Ed Sykes

Prior to Manchester United’s game against Chelsea, the side was heavily critiqued for not spending more in the transfer window and bringing in more players.

The win most definitely changed the narrative entirely, with the radical shift in their attacking style and the huge nature of their victory leaving little room for criticism.

However, even in the prior transfer argument, the importance of the transfers the club did succeed in making was also downplayed. In particular, the sheer significance of the purchase of Harry Maguire may have not been evident until last Sunday.

Former Manchester United defender Jonny Evans shares this assessment and goes on to state that the English defender has the potential to emulate the difference that Virgil Van Dijk made to Liverpool following his world-record-breaking transfer.


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Evans stated (via Sky Sports): “You can see comparisons in their games. Both are great on the ball, and Harry has got explosive pace people don’t see. He is powerful and good in the air.”

Most United fans will be hoping for a similar impact, particularly since Van Dijk’s contributions were crucial to Liverpool lifting the Champions League title last season.


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Evans goes on to comment on the transfer fee of the former Leicester City player as well. This was another sticking point in the saga as many felt that United had overpaid for the defender and that the Foxes has bullied their way to the world-record deal.

Evans adds: “Everyone will compare the transfer fees but it’s so difficult to judge transfer fees nowadays. We are all human and it is weird we get traded for money. In the transfer market, it’s all supply and demand and things can go up and down at any moment. The most important thing is for him to be judged on how he plays.”

How well-placed is this hope? Only time shall tell.