Breaking Barriers: How Football Unites the Globe

The British sport of Football has succeeded in breaking barriers and conquering the hearts of the globe. Today, the Premier League boasts an international audience and an unprecedented amount of supporters for teams across the table.

While it is certainly popular to associate oneself only with the winning sides and the bigger and more successful names of the game like Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool, it isn’t always the norm.

Betwayin their touching documentary Over Land and Sea, successfully illustrate how true passion doesn’t always see table positions.

The documentary features Pan, who is an earnest West Ham United fan from Shangai, China.

Despite living thousands of miles away from the city in which the Hammers are based off, Pan remains an ardent supporter.

In the documentary, we learn of the reasons why West Ham was chosen by him ahead of the other more well-known names who spend immense amounts of money to garner popularity in Asia.

Further, the piece also features the likes of Mark Noble, Declan Rice, Pablo Zabaletta as well as more local fans of the East London side.

All in all, Pan’s story is that of several other football fans across the globe and speaks volumes about the great game’s potential at uniting a world that often appears divided.