Marcos Rojo Reveals Why Everton Transfer Failed On Deadline Day

Everton's Romelu Lukaku

Reuters / Andrew Yates

Manchester United fans may not be in the best of moods right about now. The renaissance that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer promised did appear to arrive in sparks, but the overwhelming consensus at the club is that plenty of work remains to be done.

While optimists and pessimists alike can make scores of arguments as to how to best look at the performances of certain players, it goes without saying that the removal of deadwood is all but complete.

Now, the words of one such player indicate that this process may continue into the next transfer window.

Speaking to Ole, Marcos Rojo reveals precisely what went wrong with his apparent move to Everton during the summer.

He reveals: “It is difficult to leave when you are in such a large club. I had the possibility of joining Everton, but by decision of the club or the manager it could not be done.”


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The Argentine defender then goes on to add what his future goals are: “Now I have to fight it until December and if it does not work out, I will try to leave. The Qualifiers and the Copa America are coming I want to be part of that. I do not want to be out again, I want to exhaust all the possibilities and compete to be here.”

It is evident that Rojo wishes to play regular football. It is indeed shocking as to why United may have not let him go in the summer window, although the complexities of the transfer process may have dictated that the means weren’t right for the deal.

Regardless, until January he will fulfill the crucial back-up role in Solskjaer’s roster. Considering how thin he is on options almost across his lineup, a player of his caliber to fall back on due to injury or poor form certainly doesn’t hurt.