Sanchez Had To Separate Lukaku From Dressing Room Row With Inter Teammate

REUTERS/Daniele Mascolo

Players who share a good rapport often extend their relationship off the pitch as well. Such bonds certainly make for memorable pairings and numerous clubs boast of duos and trios who are close.

However, the reverse is often true as well and dressing-room dynamics have a tendency to flare up. As of such, sparks often fly and the fights that break out often leave deep scars and damaging fractures within team dynamics.

Something similar may have been afoot at Inter Milan, with Alexis Sanchez fulfilling a curious role.

According to the Gazzetta, there was an alleged row between Romelu Lukaku and his teammate Marcelo Brozovic in the aftermath of the club’s 1-1 draw with Slavia Prague in the Champions League.

The freshly signed Belgian striker is believed to have targeted Brozovic in the dressing room for being careless in the midfield and giving away the ball too many times, failing to fulfill the duties laid out by manager Antonio Conte.

Further, the row that broke out is understood to have involved the interference of Alexis Sanchez who tried to settle the dispute involving his former Manchester United teammate.

The same report adds that the argument had risen to a tense and ‘furious’ tone, with the Croatian midfielder hitting back at Lukaku for missing out on an easy chance in the same encounter.

It is understood that Antonio Conte is aware of the incident and has instructed club chief Giuseppe Marotta to sort out the entire affair. The newly-appointed manager isn’t too pleased with the manner in which the players behaved.

Sanchez and Lukaku have certainly deepened their bond after moving to Italy, although the brilliance of their rapport is yet to fully realize itself on the pitch.