Jose Mourinho Predicts Where Will Man Utd Finish In Premier League This Season

Jose Mourinho is driven away from his accommodation after leaving his job as Manchester United's manager.

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Manchester United’s condition in the Premier League just got a whole lot more worse after their 2-0 defeat to West Ham United on Sunday.

The warning bells are already tolling for the club as their rivals put on strong performances, threatening their own top-four ambitions this early on into the season itself.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s predecessor, Jose Mourinho, had a pretty damning assessment of United’s condition before the game itself.

The Portuguese gaffer stated the following while functioning as a Sky Sports pundit: “They will finish between fourth and sixth. That’s my point of view. They are not capable of fighting for the top-two. It will be a good achievement if they finish in the top four this season and get back into the Champions League.”


Solskjaer Reacts To Jose Mourinho’s Criticism Post West Ham Defeat

At the same time, Mourinho also rubbished the notion that he was somehow enjoying the plight of the club at the moment by commenting: “I have been there two seasons where I could feel lots of positive things and I could feel the direction to go through, then obviously the third season was not good enough. For me that is a sad thing, maybe people think I’m enjoying the situation but I’m not enjoying it at all.”

He goes on to add that he still loves certain people at the club and has massive respect for the fans of the Red Devils.

“It’s really sad because when a team is ‘ boring’, you are boring but you still get the result but at this moment I don’t see anything, I think they are going to really, really be in trouble to get not just into the top four but potentially in the top six. I think this team is worse than the team of last season.”

These are clearly strong words from the former gaffer and come from a position of experience and true concern.