Patrice Evra ‘Shocked’ By Low Standards At Carrington

Manchester United's Robin Van Persie (C) celebrates his second goal against Aston Villa with Rafael (L) and Patrice Evra.

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Man Utd’s problems apparently know no bounds at the moment. The Red Devils are placed in a precarious position after losing to West Ham United and much criticism has been levied at the approach of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to the team.

This is an all-too familiar turn of events at Old Trafford and the problems too aren’t new either.

The string of injuries, lack of creative offensive options and a perception of lethargy amongst the squad are probable reasons for this poor form.

However, a familiar face is now worried about the situation too.

Patrice Evra is presently earning his coaching badges with Manchester United and according to the Daily Mail, the Frenchman has some worrying observations.

Evra is allegedly shocked with the quality of training that the players are going through in training and he feels that the standards have dropped significantly since he left the club.


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Then again, the entirety of his period at Old Trafford, save the season under David Moyes, was a celebrated affair under Sir Alex Ferguson and it is only natural that the former defender feels such a drop.

What is worrying, however, is that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was supposed to be aping the methods of Sir Alex Ferguson but apart from doing so on a superficial level, that hasn’t been the case so far.

Further, Evra also feels that the present squad is being pampered too much with several coaching staff surrounding the players at Carrington.

This is in part of a larger issue wherein some of the players are also allegedly unhappy with the old-school training methods being deployed by Solskjaer and company, with Kieran McKenna being targeted, in particular.

The drop in quality is particularly worrying given that the lot seemed to be quite brilliant initially under the Norwegian. What has gone wrong and is the damage reversible?