Reason Why David De Gea’s Coach Has Left Manchester United

Manchester United's David de Gea.

REUTERS/Peter Powell

David De Gea hasn’t been the same goalkeeper that Manchester United have exalted for the past few seasons. As of recent, the shotstopper’s follies have succeeded in aiding the issues persistent at the club, whereas in the past his individual saves often masked the tactical fractures within the lineup.

The goalkeeper did sign a fresh contract extension recently after a long period of negotiation. However, now a more substantial change has taken place which is bound to have an impact on the Spaniard’s future.

David De Gea’s coach Emilio Alvarez has left Manchester United. Having worked with the Spaniard at Atletico Madrid, Alvarez was brought to Old Trafford back in 2016 and has been credited with much of the success in the keeper’s rise to brilliance since.

However, the Daily Mail now claims that recent questions about the coach’s methods as reflected in De Gea’s form slumps has prompted his departure from the club.


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The report also cites that the Alvarez’s relationship with De Gea and the other keepers had changed quite a bit and that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision to hire Richard Hartis as senior keeper coach earlier this year didn’t sit well with him either.

Emilio himself had the following to say about the departure: “I will always be proud of belonging to this club. Wishing you every success in your endeavours.”

Such instances often tend to be bigger than meets the eye. It is clear that not everything is alright at Old Trafford and recent claims have suggested issues in the training itself to be amongst the root causes of United’s poor form.

Solskjaer and company have been facing the brunt of much criticism as of late and decisions like these can easily add into the broader narrative of unrest at the club.

Will their fortunes be turned around soon or is this the start of an all-too-familiar story?