Twitter Reacts As Scott McTominay Scores Stunning Top Corner Goal vs Arsenal

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Manchester United faced off against Arsenal at Old Trafford in a fixture that had clearly lost its past allure. On a rainy Monday night, the two teams often looked like they were on a training pitch with poor tackles, sloppy passes, and no shots on goal or even attempts for that matter for nearly the first half-an-hour.

In many ways, that display summarized so much that was wrong with both sides, with many pundits nitpicking flaws in even the lineups fielded for a game that ought to have carried more risk.

However, much of that was forgotten when the half approached closer to its culmination.

The final minutes had more action from both sides than in the entirety of the 40 odd minutes that had preceded it.


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Mistakes from both teams led to solid tackles and impressive saves.

However, the decisive run came from Daniel James who was able to slot it close to the penalty box after a half-pitch sprint, only for Marcus Rashford to not reach it in a promising position, akin to how the English striker had been functioning in the half.

However, Rashford had the patience to pass it back, and the ball was well-received by Scott McTominay. The midfielder was calm in his approach and coolly slotted the ball into the top corner of the net, as Leno just watched on, rooted to his spot.


Multiple supporters were ecstatic at the goal, particularly since McTominay provided them with the sole moment of entertainment during that period of play.

Others also pointed out how the starlet just keeps better at bossing the midfield in each game and how this goal is an apt indication of what is to come.

Is McTominay en-route to becoming the much-needed Carrick replacement for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?