What Man United Fans Are Saying About Andreas Pereira’s Performance vs Newcastle

Manchester United's Andreas Pereira.

Reuters / Craig Brough

Manchester United were a poorly executed and uninspiring lot of players when they took on Newcastle United on Sunday.

The home side won 1-0 in what is being hailed as a crucial step towards achieving a balance this season while the Red Devils are being subjected to a drought of victory as they now sit just two points above the relegation zone.

The wrath of the loss was a powerful one from Manchester United fans who took to Twitter to vent out their frustration and targeted individual talents for the poor game.

Amongst the players to receive the hard end of the bargain was Andreas Pereira whose poor attempts up-front didn’t seem to go down well on the social media platform.



Most fans were scratching their heads as to why Pereira would be the go-to starting option despite the fact that other players, particularly fresh academy graduates, could have been risked instead.

Then again, receiving such pieces of criticism and then learning from them is vital in order for anyone to succeed in their field.

Past precedent has clearly indicated that sacking a gaffer or getting rid of a player isn’t the best option. Change has to occur from the within and engineer radical overhauls in the hope of bettering the team’s chances at victory.