What Robin Van Persie Said About Solskjaer After Newcastle Defeat

Robin van Persie attends a news conference.

REUTERS/Cris Toala Olivares

Manchester United’s recent loss to Newcastle United has brought with it a storm of criticism. The club has appeared to be worse off than in any of the regimes following the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and statistically this has been their worst start to a Premier League campaign in 30 years.

At the heart of this criticism sits Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The newly appointed gaffer was received with skepticism from the get-go itself with his abysmal Premier League record with Cardiff City and inexperience at European football being cited as the reasons why he was a poor replacement to Jose Mourinho.

While his initial spell of success did quieten the mistrust, the wretched run of games since has seen him being viewed critically.

Now, a familiar face has added their views regarding the same.


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Robin Van Persie has questioned Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s ability to raise the spirits of Manchester United’s players, stating on Optus Sport: “You can see here’s struggling there, if I’m really honest, during that interview. And I get it if you’re manager of Manchester United during this period of time. So he’s searching for words, maybe he chose a few wrong ones there. ‘Because as a player, what does that mean, ‘sorting the players’ heads out’, what does that mean?”

He also stated the importance of raising the morale at the club rather and ‘reconnect’ with the players.

The former Manchester United striker went on to add: “As a manager, when you’re team is low in confidence get them up, when your team is too high in confidence, when they are becoming a little bit too much, you have to get them back to the middle again. At the moment, based on this interview, and based on what I’ve seen in the game, I’m not sure if he really knows how to find the buttons there.”