Wayne Rooney Wasn’t Happy With What Ed Woodward Texted Him In 2016

Reuters / Phil Noble

When one keeps reading about the ins and outs at a club with the stature of Manchester United, it is only natural to wonder about the nature of the dealings.

While a level of professional ethos is expected at a managerial level, it is not always necessary for a club to remain consistent in its approach.

As the Red Devils plunge into one of their worst phases in terms of performance, it is indeed vital to try and discern the dynamics at play on a deeper level at Old Trafford.

Now, the recently revealed truth about a text-based interaction doesn’t bode well for the same.


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According to The Athletic, Wayne Rooney wasn’t too happy with a text that Ed Woodward sent him back in 2016. In particular, the former United striker was peeved at the head of recruitment’s choice of words to address him with.

Woodward is believed to texted Rooney the following: “Hi Wazza. Loved the game.”

The report alleges that the current DC United player didn’t take too kindly to the executive referring to him by his commonly used nickname as he didn’t care much for the ‘matey’ behavior from Woodward.


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Further context that was provided indicates that Woodward himself isn’t all too open to such rapport, having stated in the past (with regard to Rooney wanting to leave in 2013): “I don’t want to be their friend. We think Wayne loves football so much he won’t sulk, he’ll go on the pitch and give his all.”

‘Wazza’ sure does sound quite friendly and it does appear that Rooney himself may have found fault with the contrast.

Woodward is presently the most visible source of criticism for the Glazers’ regime at Old Trafford. Once hailed as a transfer mastermind, he now has to contend with being labeled as the conservative spender who is slowly dismantling the club.