What James Maddison Commented On Instagram After Rashford’s Free Kick

Leicester City's James Maddison gestures.

REUTERS/David Klein

After three back to back away wins, with the most recent one coming 2-1 against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United appear to have their spiraling season back in a semblance of control.

However, there is no denying that money will still have to be spent in the summer to sure up areas of their squads, particularly those regions where they are over-reliant on the performances of a few individuals.

The showing of youngsters is not always consistent and that may haunt them in big games.

Further still, there are still areas where Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lacks talent that are of the highest quality.


Fans React To James Maddison’s Performance In Historic 9-0 Win

A quality-attacking midfielder is one such region and now the response of a potential target has sent fans dreaming yet again.

James Maddison hailed Marcus Rashford for his free-kick and the two appeared to share a light moment with potential deeper significance.

While there is no doubt that the fans are reading too much into this, especially since a decent chunk of the footballing world is hailing Rashford’s effort at the moment, the speculation does make this even more special.

While these rumors have been going on for a while, the fact remains that Leicester City will wish to hold on to their prized midfielder and United will have no hope of striking a bargain.

Further still, the deal in question, if it does occur in January, may even be of the size of Harry Maguire’s transfer fee, if not even further all together.
Is this early speculation going to hurt early in 2020 or is there some substance to the whole saga?