Ed Woodward Missed United’s Defeat To Bournemouth To Watch Rugby World Cup Final

Manchester United former chief executive David Gill, co owner Avram Glazer and executive vice chairman Ed Woodward.

Reuters / Andrew Yates

Manchester United’s recent defeat to AFC Bournemouth broke their slowly emerging streak of victories.

The game was a disappointing one in many ways, especially since the home side’s winner was their first goal after a significant goalless spell, their longest one in over seven years.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had the look of worry creasing his forehead close to the fulltime whistle when his substitutions failed to rejuvenate the Red Devils’ attack.

However, a familiar face was missing from the action and for an interesting reason.

According to the Daily Mail, Ed Woodward had a pertinent excuse for missing the away encounter as the Manchester United executive vice-chairman was instead in Japan for the Rugby World Cup final.

Woodward is a massive fan of the sport and the fact that England had made it to the apex stage of the tournament was another reason for his attendance.

However, disappointment graced the top Old Trafford figure on both ends as England lost the encounter 12-32 as South Africa lifted glory. The English side were already in the news for the wrong reasons following the formation controversy during their semi-final encounter against New Zealand.

Ed Woodward’s misery didn’t end there as hours later, he would have witnessed United’s loss to Bournemouth as well. Recent reports have indicated that United’s poor on-pitch performances have begun affecting them financially as well, which is doubly within Woodward’s purview.

He has become the scapegoat for much that is wrong at the Mancunian outfit and is viewed as the symbol of the Glazers’ reign that many fans believe to have led the club to its downfall in favor of their own business gains.

Needless to say, if Woodward and the other higher-ups don’t provide Solskjaer with adequate funds to make some crucial additions in the winter window, the club is looking at a period of extended gloom.