Martial Destroyed Three Defenders And The Goalkeeper To Score Magical Goal

REUTERS/Chris Radburn

Manchester United poured faith and hope back into the hearts of their supporters as they secured a 3-0 victory against Partizan in the Europa League.

Mason Greenwood opened the scoring in the first half, with Anthony Martial doubling their lead in the 33rd minute. Marcus Rashford slotted home an impeccable top half finish in the second half to secure the game.

This was their most convincing European fixture of this campaign as they kept a clean sheet at Old Trafford and functioned with utter brilliance for much of the game. In particular, they were a constant attacking presence.

Anthony Martial was immensely attractive as a striker and fans took great notice.

The sheer quality of Martial’s goal showed United precisely what they had been missing. An attractive build-up saw the Frenchman baffle multiple defenders before netting impressively.

Twitter was riddled with United supporters who were fawning over the finish.


The confidence required to execute such a cheeky goal was there in plenty. Furthermore, after a long time, the frontline functioned with great swagger.


Greenwood Compared To Van Persie After What He Did vs Partizan

There is no denying that errors still exist in this lineup. The fact that they failed to net more goals by the time the full time whistle was blown is ample proof of that.

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to take this as a model to build upon.

Partizan at home was a relatively easy fixture and now with the international break looming around the corner, the management must reflect on this win, their impeccable three-game win streak and particularly the loss to AFC Bournemouth and craft a winning formula for the rest of the season.