What Advice Sir Alex Gave To New Spurs Manager Jose Mourinho

Reuters / Phil Noble

Jose Mourinho joined the last club you’d expect him to be signing for Tottenham Hotspur this week after Mauricio Pochettino got the sack.

The Portuguese now finds himself at a club that can be considered polar opposites to his former club in terms of financial flexibility. Spurs aren’t exactly known for spending big whilst Mourinho prefers a thick wallet to work his magic around the squad.

However, former boss Sir Alex Ferguson insists the Spurs boss as nothing to worry about as he has a great lineup of youth players at his disposal. The Scott believes the youngsters at North London are of great quality and have the ability to play for the first team.

“Looking to the young players, there is not one manager in the world that doesn’t like to play young players and to help young players develop,” Ferguson told talkSPORT. “There is not one.”

“The thing about young people is, if you give them an opportunity, not only do they seize it, they never let you down.

“They have enthusiasm to do well.

“If we go back to the young lads of ‘92, you give them an opportunity to play for Man United in front of 75,000 and they don’t want to miss that,” he added.

“And they all did very well, and they’re also very good human beings.”

However, the former Chelsea boss has historically not been kind of academy players, insisting on putting his trust more into experienced and established players. Jose seem to even go as far as to say neither Chelsea not United produced any talents good enough for the first-team. To which the 77-year-old replied:

“The problem is that sometimes you get into clubs where the work that is below you is not good enough to produce these players.”

“So I look to our history and you see that the academy is always giving the talents that the first team need.”

The 57-year-old has publicly said he’s a changed man who has learned from the mistakes of his past. Though it is yet to be seen whether he will follow up on it in regards of giving youngsters a good amount of chances.