Mauricio Pochettino Wants To Become Man United’s Next Manager

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

There is simply no turning around of the fact that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is underperforming at Manchester United.

The attacking ethos that was prominent in the early days of his tenure has now suffered considerably and although injuries have been a credible excuse for this form, the stock of quality at Old Trafford has dropped immensely.

Such is the pathos at the former giants of English football that many fans genuinely want to see their beloved hero part ways as the manager.

What catalyzes this possibility further is the sudden availability of Mauricio Pochettino as a manager ready to be hired.

According to the M.E.N, Pochettino is very much interested in joining Manchester United. It appears that the Argentine gaffer is ‘enchanted’ with the prospect of taking over as the gaffer at the Old Trafford outfit.

The source adds that this desire is also due to the fact that Pochettino was largely viewed as the long-term successor following Mourinho’s sacking as no one fully saw the sort of success that Solskjaer garnered initially.


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Now, however, he is in a good spot to take over if the higher-ups at United decide to sack Solskjaer, a prospect that they are allegedly not keen on pursuing just yet.

Interestingly, Pochettino too can’t easily join other English clubs either due to certain contractual obligations but the fees at hand are still within the realm that a move could still occur.

The report also claims that the boss is a favorite to join several other clubs as well with Arsenal topping that list and struggling Bayern Munich likewise under consideration.

At the same time, much has to be said about United undergoing potentially yet another managerial change. The club has been thrust far too often in the midst of resets and yet another one seems unlikely to bring out instant silverware.