Man City Fans Threw Objects At Fred During Manchester Derby Defeat

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

It was Manchester United that made their strong statement, defeating Manchester City 2-1 in the Premier League on Saturday. The Etihad had to witness their local rivals put up a world-class display as an eventful first-half sealed the fate for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men.

Marcus Rashford opened the scoring with a well-found penalty and minutes later Anthony Martial doubled the side’s lead. Nicholas Otamendi came off the bench in the second-half and scored from a header, providing the home side with some consolation.

However, the mood of the entire game was marred by an unfortunate and disgraceful incident.

In the second-half, as United won their first corner of the game and Fred was about to take it, the City fans near the corner flag through objects at the Brazilian.

One of them hit Fred considerably and the midfielder was seen to be in some pain for a period of time. City players had to rush to the area and appeal to the crowd to cease their actions.

To make matters worse, other reports have been stating that one amongst the unruly fans also made racist gestures at Fred.

This is a horrible incident in an erstwhile electric fixture and the concerned authorities have seemed to assure that apt action will be taken. Man City could see some repercussions for this deed from their fans.

Racist incidents plagued football across Europe earlier on in the season and recent incidents haven’t seen a drop in these fiascos either. This shows that the brutal nature of support from certain groups can prove to be too toxic and mar the larger goodwill and class of the sport.