Carragher On United’s Performance: ‘Best 30 Minutes I Have Seen Anyone Play vs Man City’

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

This weekend’s Manchester derby has already shown the likelihood of having lasting impacts, some as strong as Manchester City missing out on a real run at the Premier League title as a result of losing 2-1 to Manchester United at the Etihad.

It has been an almost unanimous critical opinion that the Red Devils put you a strong and effective tactical display to keep the Sky Blues at bay.

Many were hailing the spirit and style of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team with more than one fan also pleading for such showings. However, a strong volume of praise has since arrived from an unexpected source.

Jamie Carragher is immensely pleased with Manchester United for their attempts against City in the derby.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Carragher states: “I think it is the best 30 minutes I have seen anyone play City in the past three years. Liverpool at Anfield, certainly, but this was away. I thought it was devastating and this was Manchester United at their best. It’s quality football at 100mph.”

Of course, the praise coming from a former Liverpool player whose team is now all the closer to a good run at the title does make this remark a tad bit biased.

He went on to add: “A lot has been made of Manchester City but even City at their best, I think they would have found this difficult. At the weekend (United) were out of this world.”

Apt words from the pundit.

Solskjaer has to take full stock of all that went right against Spurs and City and work hard to recreate that environment of play and passion for future games as well.

At the start of the season City were heavy favorites to compete the hattrick of back-to-back-to-back titles. However, after such showings the rather unpredictable nature of the Premier League becomes all the more relevant.

If United is good enough to City, what must be tinkled with to attain the same results against the other sides too?