Scott McTominay Reveals The Man United Academy Rule He Doesn’t Like

Scott McTominay before the match.

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

When Manchester United face Everton in the Premier League on Sunday, they will almost certainly be continuing a brilliant tradition. The game is touted to be the 4000th one in a row that the Red Devils will have fielded a youth academy graduate in their matchday squad.

This accolade has always been the pride of the Old Trafford outfit who over the decades have had multiple such names carve out their history.

The present lot under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appear to be the next best set of youngsters and the progress has been evident.

Now, Scott McTominay, who is arguably one the finer academy graduates to have excelled this season, has opened up about an interesting rule pertaining to these youngsters.

Speaking to the Sun, McTominay had this to say about United’s rule that academy graduates should wear black boots while on the pitch: “I probably couldn’t tell you one player in the club who likes wearing black boots. But it was the rules and something accustomed to every academy player and if someone tried to come out in red boots it’s like ‘you’re no different to any of us so get your black boots back on until you earn the respect and right to wear coloured boots’.”

He goes on to add quite frankly: “I didn’t like the black boots. But you had to do it. You had to respect the rules. There are no big egos, there’s no young kids coming in wearing jewellery and looking a bit flash, that’s not the case at this club.”

The midfielder also commented on the ‘DNA’ of these players at United, stating: “Now I look back and, being one of the older academy players now, those standards have been passed through, so everybody has the idea of what a Manchester United player should look and be like, the DNA that comes with wearing that badge.”

The future certainly is bright at Old Trafford.