Mason Greenwood Once Scored All 16 Goals In His Side’s 16-1 Win

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Mason Greenwood has been the talk of the town for quite a while now and his last week’s antics have really cemented his fledging fan-favorite status.

The respect assigned is an adequate one as the 18-year-old has now netted 8 senior goals across all competitions so far this campaign, with 2 arriving against AZ as well as an equalizer versus Everton in Sunday’s 1-1 draw.

Manchester United will be reliant on him to continue this goal-scoring streak in the future, and a peek into his past will show how it was all meant to be.

As per Goal, a former Manchester United youth-development coach named Mark Senior reveals the interesting set of circumstances that led to Greenwood being picked up, stating:

“Scouts saw him when he wasn’t even playing; they were watching another player that day. Mason just wanted to join a local team in Bradford called Idle Juniors, but he wasn’t old enough, so he was kicking a ball around on the side of the pitch, waiting for his sixth birthday.”

Close call. However, what the young Greenwood did when given the chance was astonishing at its best.


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Senior goes on to add: “As soon as he was six, we made sure we had someone to watch his first game. The team he was playing for had never won a game, and I am not sure they had even scored a goal. Then, Mason scored 16 on his debut and they won 16-1. A six-year-old made the local newspaper!”

The piece goes on to highlight more incidents from Greenwood’s development, including antics about breaking speed records and having a natural flair for being coached and learning new skills.

No one can deny that Greenwood is slated for great things with the Mancunian giants if he is provided the right set of opportunities. What will the future hold for him?