How Cristiano Ronaldo Reacted After Juventus Lost Italian Super Cup Final

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

Much to the surprise of supporters, Juventus have lost 3-1 to Lazio in the Supercoppa Italiana finals. Simone Inzaghi’s side have went on to enjoy placing the silverware in their mantlepiece, having showcased a phenomenal performance in the finals, thwarting away the opposition.

The scoreline seems to be a mirror reflection of the result of a match featuring the same teams in a Serie A fixture held earlier this month. Embarrassingly Maurizio Sarri’s men lost against the same club, however with the latest fixture being a bit more significant being a cup final.

There were undoubtedly many highlighting events in the match, however what caught the attention of supporters seemed to have happened after the match.

The star forward Cristiano Ronaldo, clearly unhappy with the results, removed the silver medal off his neck soon after he was awarded it with no lag whatsoever. The 34-year-old has been on a record of winning 14 finals in a row.

However, Lazio have managed to put an end to the streak upsetting the superstar enough to make him display such an act out of emotion.

Although he wasn’t able to keep up his goal scoring form to his past standards, the former Real Madrid asset has been showing improvements in his performances lately. Regardless, he started for the Serie A side to square off against Lazio. Nonetheless, the end result might’ve stung a bit for the talented forward evident from his reactions.

Moreover, the supporters have been flooding Twitter with reactions on what happened during post-match award ceremony.


Although it remains true that they have half a season left to make necessary amendments and kick up a gear, with Inter Milan above them in the Serie A table, their situation is not as fine as it can be for Sarri’s men, having lost the Supercoppa Italiana.