Man Utd Have Only Won 8% Of Games When Dominating Possession In The League This Season

Manchester United's Daniel James and manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the match.

REUTERS/David Klein

Man Utd go into Christmas with a table standing that few fans would have dreamt of.

After 18 games played, the illustrious club has only 25 points to brag of, with 6 wins, 7 draws, and 5 looming defeats. While they have netted 26 goals in the Premier League, the more worrying fact is that David De Gea has now conceded 22 goals, painting a pathetic goal difference, the joint lowest in the top eight.

These are worsened by the fact that the top clubs have been putting up brilliant numbers, with Liverpool yet to taste defeat in the League and Man City having netted nearly twice the number of goals as their rivals.

However, a more damning statistic that aptly paints what is going wrong at the side comes from a more specific angle.


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Manchester United have only won 8% of their games when dominating possession. Yet again, the true depth of this figure arrives when compared to that of the other clubs, with Chelsea boasting a healthy 56% and Liverpool bragging of a whopping 93%. [via Sky Sports]

While managers like Jose Mourinho have long dispelled the oft-repeated adage that possession leads to wins, this performance from United is part of why fans find them so frustrating to observe.


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For much of their games, the Red Devils are fluid when on the ball and keep the possession incredibly well. However, the standout issue is that all that is in vain given that they struggle to translate that into goalscoring opportunities.

This is made further evident by the fact that United’s more memorable goals this campaign have come from brilliant moments of counter-attacking football.

Fans of the club will have to hope that Solskjaer and company are aware of this harsh reality and are taking steps to amend it in the second half of the season.