Bruno Fernandes Will Travel To Manchester After Benfica Game

Portugal's Bruno Fernandes celebrates with Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring their second goal.

REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

The Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United saga may well and truly be in its final stages. Even though the Portuguese midfielder will play a vital role in Friday’s much-anticipated Lisbon derby between Sporting and Benfica, his destination after the fixture may make more headlines.

As per Sky Sports, Fernandes will travel straight to Manchester after the late Friday fixture. This will ensure that the iconic game will be the last one that the 25-year-old will feature in as a Sporting player, certainly a fitting way to end a memorable tenure.

Further, the report adds that Fernandes could even be in the stands on Sunday at Anfield, when Manchester United take on Liverpool in another heated match.

If true, Fernandes will witness first-hand two electric rivalries and two separate instances of brilliant football. Of course, all of this will be in anticipation of his full announcement as a United player.


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The numbers pertaining to the deal still remain in the region of previous claims with a transfer fee of £60 million expected to exchange hands and with Fernandes himself touted to make upwards of £120,000-a-week at Old Trafford. The latter claim is certainly lower than previously reported numbers, but that can also be due to the sheer variety that will exist in reports at this stage of the saga.

Lastly, the claim also suggested that Sporting manager Silas has accepted the deal will occur, although the gaffer isn’t happy that the player is going and is not satisfied with the kind of sum that the Portuguese outfit will receive in return.

Will Fernandes indeed feature at Anfield, or is this another painful instance of exaggeration, akin to the one that plagued United fans in the summer?

And if true, what kind of performance will the talisman observe from his potential teammates against England’s yet-to-be defeated side?