Twitter Reacts To Fred’s Dominating Midfield Performance vs Liverpool

Reuters/Carl Recine

Manchester United’s efforts were in vain as Liverpool thumped to victory at Anfield, with a 2-0 scoreline to carry on their absolutely brilliant unbeaten form in the Premier League.

Virgil van Dijk set the mood in the first-half with his exceptional effort which was almost added to on countless occasions by the home side who had goals disallowed, flirt with the woodwork ,and skirt too close. However, Mo Salah left it to extra time to add his flair to the game, with Alisson Becker finding him across the pitch and ensured that the Egyptian striker netted the winner.

United weren’t the losing side as much as the overpowered team and for the dying minutes it often looked like the Red Devils would manage to pull something back.

In fact, fans had their thoughts about one United player, in particular.

Fred’s performance was certainly a standout one in a squad that felt like it was seeing conversions from poor to brilliant on a regular basis.

The Brazilian was passionate and strong across the pitch and the numbers were there to show it. In fact, Twitter took notice of the same and commented upon it.


This game proved that Fred flourished best when paired with the powerhouse that is Scott McTominay. Bereft of the starlet, the midfielder is often rendered toothless, his braver efforts put to shame.

However, this does spell much hope for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who is battling a lengthy injury list. Fred’s form has been improving over the past few games and the 26-year-old could easily become one of those influential cogs in a fully-fit, fully-performing squad.

However, the Norwegian gaffer severely lacks that level of ease at the moment. Although this game was a massive test and it is incredible that the Red Devils emerged with only two goals conceded, much work is left to be done.