Cristiano Ronaldo Predicted He Would Be A Fisherman At 35 Years Old

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo applauds fans after the match.

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

There is little that Cristiano Ronald is yet to achieve in the world of football. Having recently turned 35, the Portuguese superstar still shows no signs of slowing down and the prolific nature of his goals with Juventus in the Serie A is testament to the same.

While his early stint with Manchester United set the precedent for a fruitful career which would see him break records with Real Madrid later on, no one could have predicted his success early on.

In fact, Ronaldo himself didn’t fathom that he’d reached where he has at this stage and that is quite telling in and of itself.

Speaking to Canal 11 (via Daily Mail), Ronaldo reveals where he thought he would have been aged 35: “I thought I was going to be a fisherman in Madeira.  This never came into my mind. I wanted to be a professional football but I didn’t think I was going to win everything I’ve won.”

What is obvious even at this stage in his career is that the forward is still hungry to achieve more. At Juventus, he was clearly brought on to further the dream of a Champions League title, a feat that he is undoubtedly a specialist at currently.

He goes on to add: “To play at Juventus gives me the chance to win it again. We know it’s difficult, it depends on many factors, but it’s possible because we have a good team. We must take one step at a time going forward.”

However, this career was engineered by great hard-work and it is obvious that he is grateful for every major moment leading up to it. While debates continue to do the rounds as to his efficacy and just how much longer he’ll stay at the top of his game, what is more obvious is that the player is still going strong.