Coaches ‘Blown Away’ With Ighalo’s Attitude In Training Ahead Of United Debut

Reuters / Paul Childs

When Manchester United came out of deadline day with only the acquisition of Odion Ighalo to their name, the feedback was certainly a mixed one.

The Nigerian striker wasn’t top amongst the list of names linked and many supporters felt that United could have done a lot better given the sort of attacking names that were considered to be on their radar.

However, Ighalo’s attitude and undying love towards the club have certainly won fans over and now he is poised to be a favorite without even stepping on to the pitch.

His attitude in training says it all.

As per the Telegraph, Ighalo has been putting in the effort while training with Great Britain’s Olympic Taekwondo team.

The report cites his performance coach, Wayne Richardson as follows: “From the moment he has stepped through the door, he is one of the few players who has blown me away. His determination, drive and willingness. He’s been doing double sessions and we’ve had to hold him back a bit and monitor him because he has fire in his stomach as a professional.”


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It is evident that the 30-year-old won’t be content with merely being a spectator during his six-month-long loan spell at the club of his dreams.

Richardson goes into details about Ighalo’s heavy training regime, stating: “We’ve done testing. We’ve done endurance work, strength and conditioning, flexibility, mobility. There were sprint tests over five, 10, 15, 20 metres, one rep max, isometric pulls, and mid-thigh pulls to see where he is. From there we can give him endurance work, running box to box, change of direction, change of speed. Ankle, knee and hip movements look at his sprinting, what he can do off the ball, analysis with that is fed back to the player.”

Supporters are bound to be eager to see what he’ll be able to do when United square up against Chelsea on February 17.