Mason Greenwood Names Four Fastest Players At United

REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

United fans have been absolutely delighted at the positive form that Mason Greenwood has been enjoying so far this season. Only 18 years of age, Greenwood has already scored double figures this campaign and looks on track to take that tally up even higher.

A lot of it is due to the brilliance of the players around him, although the academy graduate’s impeccable shot-taking is also to be credited, as his clinical ability is one that United have lacked for quite a while.

In an interview with Soccer Bible, Greenwood certainly gives a lot of insight about his rise at Old Trafford.

In particular, the teenager gives an intriguing answer when asked who amongst his teammates would make it into a 4×100 sprint team, stating: “That’s hard because we’ve got some really fast players. I’ve got to have Marcus Rashford on the last bit, Brandon Williams too, he’s rapid, Anthony Martial, and probably Diogo Dalot, because he’s very fast as well.”


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Upon being told that he had left out himself and the pacey Daniel James from the above list, Greenwood replies: “Oh yeah… can it be 6x100m?”

His opinion on speed aside, the player clearly has high regard for Marcus Rashford.

He goes on to add: “He’s [Rashford] been in the academy and come through the ranks and I feel like I’m following in his footsteps. He’s a few years older than me but I can definitely take a lot of inspiration from what he has achieved so far. I’ve known him for a long time so I’ve seen how well he has done and how he has progressed as a player, so there’s lots to learn from being around him.”

Rashford’s long-term injury now means that Greenwood has the rest of the season to continue to make his mark at Old Trafford.