French Journalist: ‘I’m Convinced That Pochettino Will Be The Manager Of United Next Season

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Reuters / Dylan Martinez

Manchester United seem to still be on some flimsy ground with regard to their future.

Even though the signing of Bruno Fernandes during the transfer window did much in raising the club’s morale, their Premier League standing and general performance hasn’t been good.

And despite the anger and frustration being targeted at Ed Woodward and the Glazer ownership, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could still face the most likely brunt of this failure, costing him his job, with reports claiming that failing to finish in the top six will mean imminent sacking for the Norwegian gaffer.

However, the fact that the bar is set that low is also a point of woe for the Premier League side and many feel that talks of change ought to be taking place.


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In fact, as per Julien Laurens of ESPN talks ought to have already occurred, with the pundit stating: “I’m convinced that Pochettino will be the manager of Manchester United next season.

“I’ve got no doubts they’ve already been talking or there will be talks very soon between Pochettino and Woodward at Man Utd. There’s nothing else Woodward can say at the moment. He can’t say ‘We’re not sure about Solskjaer’.”


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Laurens goes on to add: “It’s too risky to appoint Pochettino now because they don’t know how long it’ll take for him to settle in at the club.

“It’s a dysfunctional club at the moment so it’s hard for anyone to take this club in mid-February with Europa League games and Premier League games coming. It could also unsettle the dressing room. It’s wise to stick with Solskjaer until the end of the season then make the big change in the summer.”

As critical as the opinion may be, there is certainly a shred of truth embedded in there. Will United have a new gaffer come summer?