Man City Could Be Forced To Play In League Two For ‘Serious Breaches’

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola celebrates with the trophy after winning the Premier League title.

Reuters/Carl Recine

Man City were handed an unprecedented sentence when the UEFA found them guilty of overstating their sponsorship revenues and thus blatantly violating the Financial Fair Play rules that they have clearly flirted with one time too many.

As a result, the Sky Blues who were on the path of European glory only a few seasons ago will now see two seasons barred from both the Champions and Europa League as well as a financial penalty.

As a consequence of being bereft of the top echelon of football, the Etihad-outfit will are also bound to see a reduction in their revenue and the ability to attract top names.

However, the issues are likely to go much deeper than that.

According to the Independent, the Premier League will also have to respond to the UEFA sanctions with a penalty of their own given that the violation is within the purview of the FFP by virtue of licensing norms.


Fans React To Man City’s Ban From The Champions League

As such, the reportedly discussed and probable punishment will be a reduction in points for Pep Guardiola’s side, who are presently the reigning champions. Such a move would further cement the already unassailable lead that Liverpool have at the top of the table and grant them an immediate title.

If anything, based on the quantum of points reduced, the top-four Champions League race will certainly become more exciting with their bitter rivals Man Utd clearly back in the fray.

However, the report also adds the possibility of another, much more damning punishment.

It appears that the Football League had recently revised their rules to ensure that expulsion from the Premier League, a penalty that can be awarded in theory, would mean that the club in question would have to start right from the League Two of English football.

Having said that, a punishment of that magnitude is, in all likelihood, an improbable measure, although the possibility is certainly an intriguing one to entertain.